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A story of civic commitment, community aspiration, and the challenges of growth and change.

Hear the voices of the people of Colorado Springs as they address public policy and urban design, providing valuable lessons for all communities striving to preserve and create places and spaces for people.



The Parks of Colorado Springs:
Building Community, Preserving a Legacy

When General William Jackson Palmer founded the city of Colorado Springs in 1871, he envisioned a spacious and inviting urban park system for the city's residents, modeled on the magnificent urban parks being built across the nation in the late nineteenth century. The Parks of Colorado Springs describes the evolution of that system over the next 140 years. This book details the remarkable challenges, difficulties, growth, successes, setbacks, and progress of the Colorado Springs parks system from the city's inception to 2010, a year of severe financial crises for the community. Throughout, the voices of the people and their individual stories are heard.


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